Cleveland Browns Employee Commits Suicide at Ohio Practice Facility

Eric Eucker hung himself in the equipment shed at the team's Berea location

Eric Eucker, a crew member of the Cleveland Browns, committed suicide on Saturday, at the team's practice facility, located in a suburban area.

Eucker worked as an assistant grounds keeper for the Cleveland Browns. According to the Inquisitr, he hung himself in the equipment shed. He was in charge of mowing the fields and painting the lines at the Berea practice facility and the Cleveland Stadium.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner confirmed the suicide when they were called in at the NFL team's Berea location.

The Browns had already left for Oakland today, where they played the Raiders on Sunday. It appears they were not present at the time Eucker ended his life. No motivation for the man's desperate gesture was provided.

Team reps have issued a statement offering their condolences to his family. They expressed their regret over an employee dubbed an important member of the organization.

“This is a terrible tragedy and our heartfelt condolences go out to Eric’s family. Eric was a good friend and colleague, and an outstanding employee. He will be missed by everyone in the Cleveland Browns organization,” spokesman Neal Gulkis is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

The event occurred on Saturday, December 1, the same day that Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher took his own life. As we wrote today, he killed his girlfriend a few hours before, in a domestic dispute that started when she was late getting home from a club.

He shot himself in the head at Arrowhead Stadium, after being confronted. The incident occurred in front of coach Romeo Crennel, and the club's general manager, Scott Pioli.

The murder-suicide was commented by Sunday Night Football's Bob Costas, who spoke for the necessity of gun control in situations such as this one.

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