Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Papa John’s Pizza for Spamming Customers

500,000 spam SMS messages have been sent out on the company's behalf

Heyrich Kalish McGuigan, a Seattle law firm that specializes in litigation against firms responsible for abusive telemarketers and SMS spammers, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Papa John’s Pizza on behalf of customers from all over the US who have received over 500,000 illegal text messages. 

“The ruling paves the way for what could be one of the largest damages awards ever recovered under the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act,” the law firm’s representatives wrote.

Lately, a large number of customers who ordered food from Papa John’s have complained about receiving advertisements despite the fact that the company never asked for their permission to send the text messages.

Court documents reveal that Papa John’s turned to the services offered by OnTime4U – co-defendants in the case – to send out the massive amount of SMSs.

Apparently, OnTime4U told them that “it was legal to send texts without express customer consent because there was an existing business relationship between the customers and the Papa John’s restaurants.”

According to Heyrich Kalish McGuigan, each customer that joins the lawsuit could be awarded $500 (390 EUR) for each message they received, the total amount of potential damages being over $250 million (195 million EUR).

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