ClamTk 5.06 Is the Most Friendly Antivirus Software on Linux

The latest version of ClamTk can be downloaded from Softpedia

ClamTk, a GUI frontend for ClamAV using Perl and Gtk libraries developed to make the life of Linux users a lot easier, is now at version 5.06.

Most Linux users never see an antivirus on their systems, mostly because it's not really needed, but that doesn't mean that they do not exist. There are very few Linux viruses in existence and none of them is now active, but you might need to disinfect other files and folders that are not from Linux.

Let's say, for example, that you have a dual-boot configuration, with Windows and Linux as the systems. If your Windows installation becomes compromised, it might be impossible to scan it and disinfect it if the problem is severe. A simple solution is to boot in your Linux system and scan the folders and files from there.

Even if it's just a frontend, ClamTk still provides the same functionality as the one that only runs in a terminal. It has a friendly interface and it integrates itself into the right-click menu, which makes it easier to scan certain folders with just one click.

According to the changelog, some extra arguments have been added to the scan function in order to avoid scanning accidents, zenity has been removed from the dependencies (it was removed from the software in the previous version), ShowOnlyIn is now used in the .desktop file, and an update for the dpkg installation instructions have been added in the Help files.

Also, a small display fix has been implemented for the progressbar in the legacy version, a temporary fix has been implemented for incorrect text in the Settings panel, and a number of language files have been updated (Japanese (ja), Italian (it), German (de), Russian (ru), English (en_GB), Slovak (sk), Chinese (zh_TW)).

The installation of the application is quite simple and most users won't have a problem with it. There is only one thing that needs to be mentioned. The software doesn't come with the latest definitions already in place and you will need to download them, which also means that you will need an Internet connection at hand.

Otherwise, the interface of the ClamTk application is very straightforward and allows even beginners to use it even if they have never seen a Linux system before.

Check the official website for a complete backlog of changes and new features in this application. You can download ClamTk 5.06 right now from Softpedia.

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