City of Wichita Website Hacked, Data Leaked (Updated)

Turkish hackers have sent a message to the United States

The official website of the City of Wichita, Kansas, has been breached by Turkish hackers. In addition to defacing a subdomain, the hackers have also leaked some data allegedly taken from the site’s databases.

The defaced subdomain is the one used for vendor services. The following message has been posted on the defacement page: “Since today, you have been trying to bring Middle east under chaos, United States of America, which is controlled by Zionist jewish people to achieve their goals for centuries.”

They added, “While trying to draw the map of 100-200 years later from now, you are trying to make Muslim people fight each other and finish-waste themselves and, we can just spectate it.”

The leaked data has been analyzed by Cyber War News. The 9 .xls files published online include data that goes back to 1997. The information consists of names, usernames, vendor names, passwords (some hashed and some in clear text), email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses.

One of the files, named “co_bank_id.xls,” contains bank accounts numbers, account owners and payment descriptions. It’s uncertain if this is an older database or if the City of Wichita has been storing information in the same database since 1997.

Update. City of Wichita representatives say they're working with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies on investigating the hack attack.

According to a notice posted on the city's website, the hackers accessed “the private financial information of vendors that have done business with the City and current or former employees who have been reimbursed for travel and other expenses since 1997.”

A total of 29,000 vendors and employees are impacted.

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