Citadel Trojan Kit Gradually Withdrawn from Underground Forums, RSA Says

The developers are determined to change their business model

After learning that the developers of the Citadel Trojan are planning to stop selling their creation to anyone outside their circle of trust, RSA has been continually monitoring the evolution of this topic. Now, they reveal that the Citadel masterminds are keeping their promise.

Over the past weeks, Citadel Trojan kits have been gradually withdrawn from many of the underground forums they have been sold on.

In one instance, the creator of Citadel, Aquabox, got into a public argument with an unhappy customer who called him corrupted. Despite the fact that the incident got him suspended from one of the biggest online crime communities, Aquabox didn’t do much to defend himself.

Experts highlight the fact that the decision to change the business model might have something to do with the fact that Citadel has started to attract too much of the attention of law enforcement. Also, technical support is not easy to offer when you have too many customers.

Finally, the team behind Citadel might be focusing on other cybercriminal activities to make a profit.

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