Cisco to Acquire Prague-Based Cognitive Security

The acquisition will take place in the third quarter of the 2013 fiscal year

Cisco has announced its intention to acquire Prague-based Cognitive Security in an effort to boost the company’s network security platform.

Cognitive Security specializes in network security research that can be used to identify and analyze cyber threats based on the behavioral analysis of real-time data.

Cisco is confident that the solutions provided by Cognitive could help it show customers the benefits of a mobile, cloud-enabled business.

“Cisco’s cloud-based global threat intelligence and Cognitive Security’s real-time behavioral analytics, will integrate to a common policy engine that controls distributed network enforcement in an intelligent network and mitigates advanced cyber threats,” said Hilton Romanski, Cisco head of corporate business development.

The acquisition will take place sometime in the third quarter of the 2013 fiscal year. As part of the move, Cognitive’s staff will join Cisco’s Security Technology Group.

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