Cisco Confirms Existence of Root Access Vulnerability in One Linksys Router Model

The company promises to deliver a fix in the upcoming period

Earlier this week, we learned that researchers had identified a remote root access vulnerability in Cisco’s Linksys routers. They say several firmware versions might be affected by the security hole, but Cisco has confirmed the bug for only one model, Linksys WRT54GL, the one on which the experts made their tests.

In a statement provided to TNW, Cisco says that no other products appear to be impacted by the flaw.

“At this point, no other Linksys products appear to be impacted. We have developed and are testing a fix for this issue, and will release it for our customers as soon as possible,” the company stated.

“Until this time, customers using the WRT54GL can stay safe by ensuring their wireless network is securely configured, and the only people using an Ethernet cable for connecting to the router are friends.”

When researchers from DefenseCode made their findings public, they said that Cisco initially claimed that the vulnerability had been fixed some months ago.

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