Cinnarch Is No More, Say Hello to Antergos

A new distribution has been released instead of Cinnarch

Antergos, a distribution based on Arch Linux that used to go by the name of Cinnarch, has been released and comes with a simple version, 2013.05.12.

The Cinnarch developers have considered that their new operating system is now mature enough and that it warrants a release.

“After a month since our last release under the name ‘Cinnarch’, we’re glad to announce the new name of our project and our first release being out of beta. We’re stable enough to make this step.

“We’ve chosen ‘Antergos’, a galician word to link the past with the present,” reads the official announcement.

All the other services from the Cinnarch version have been ported to the new one, along with the forum database.

Highlights of Antergos 2013.05.12:

• The graphical installer Cnchi has been improved. Users can now choose between a GNOME, Cinnamon, Xfce or Razor-qt installation. The GNOME desktop environment is the default choice at the start of the operating system.

• Each desktop environment comes with an assortment of software that fits the specifics of each DE.

• Having the Home folder in a different drive is now correctly handled while generating the fstab file;

• GRUB is no longer trying to get installed on the last device;

• Automatic login has been implemented;

• Cnchi hasn’t been using user’s keymap selection in the installation. This feature has been fixed;

• Username input has been fixed when writing long usernames;

• New art and slides have been added;

• Other minor bugfixes have been implemented.

The developers have also explained why they haven't chosen KDE, and went the other way with Razor-qt.

“Well, this one was just like an experiment with QT desktops, actually, selecting Razor-qt will install also KDE because we still have to figure it out some QT packages to use. The most difficult choice is with the network manager UI,” the official announcement further goes.

More details about this release can be found in the official announcement.

Download Antergos 2013.05.12 right now from Softpedia.

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