Church Explodes on Top of Mysterious Thieves in Houston, Texas

Police are asking the public to help identify the robbers

The Westway Baptist Church in Houston, Texas exploded right as it was being robbed, this week. The unlucky thieves are still at large, probably in bad shape, and police are asking the public to help identify them.

“The man just blew up into a fire ball. I surely don't know if he was electrocuted or even alive. [...] If they [medical facilities] encounter someone with suspicious burn wounds, we urge them to inform the authorities,” deacon Michael Kirtley says.

It appears the explosion happened at around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, when the church's security alarms went off.

CCTV shows a truck pulling up next to the church, and one man trying to cut the circuits in the breaker box. Officers at the scene explain that the whole burglary was about, believe it or not, copper wires.

They tried to steal electrical cables and most likely wound up with severe burns. One might say that this is a sign that they should get a job.

“God Watches Over the Evil and the Good,” deacon Michael Kirtley says, according to the Christian Post.

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