ChronoPay Founder Sues Kaspersky Lab for Defamatory Blog Posts

Pavel Vrublevsky argues that the firm is trying to influence the trial against him

Pavel Vrublevsky, the owner and co-founder of ChronoPay – one of Russia’s most important electronic payment providers – has decided to file a lawsuit against Kaspersky Lab after the security solutions provider published a series of blog posts that Vrublevsky considered to be defamatory.

According to Brian Krebs, Vrublevsky is currently on trial in Russia, being accused of contracting the services of a botnet master to disrupt the activities of payment processing company Assist.

Kaspersky’s Tatyana Nikitina has covered the controversial trial. She has detailed all the aspects of the trial, including some things that seemed to favor the defendant.

Now, Vrublevsky claims that the antivirus company is trying to discredit him and influence the trial. Furthermore, he argues that Kaspersky has a special interest in the trial since it provided DDOS protection services to Assist at the time of the cyberattacks.

This isn’t the first time when Vrublevsky initiates legal actions for defamatory articles. Last year, he went after Brian Krebs for his Pharma Wars series.

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