Chromium 25 Is Here, Chrome 25 Dev Landing Soon

Google is getting ready to make the switch to a new major version

Google Chrome is getting ready for the next major iteration. Chrome 24, which has been in the dev channel for the past few weeks, is soon making the jump to the beta channel, meaning Chrome 25 will be ready to take its place.

But Chrome 24 is not quite polished yet to make the switch so, in the meantime, active development continues with the Chromium builds which are already sporting the 25 version number.

This means that the Canary Builds for Chrome 25 should be landing soon as well.

Obviously, if you've been using Chrome 24 so far, there aren't going to be any major changes, not yet.

This should change as more features and improvements are added, but it will be a gradual improvement.

For now, Google has a few interesting or just completely random things to say about the number 25, as it always has when a new major version is introduced.

“- The size of the full roster on a Major League Baseball team for most of the season

- In baseball, the number 25 is typically reserved for the best slugger on the team

- The number of years of marriage marked in a silver wedding anniversary.

- The minimum age of candidates for election to the United States House of Representatives.

- The number of cents in a quarter.

- The usual TCP port for SMTP.

- The per-second frame rate of the PAL video standard.

- Pony (British slang for £25)”

Chrome 23 should be landing in the stable channel very soon now. A few days later, maybe more, Chrome 24 should make its way to the beta channel.

Immediately after that, Chrome 25 will debut in the dev channel. By that time, it should be sporting a few new features, in the meantime enjoy the Chromium Pony François Beaufort dug up.


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