Chromebox Helps Intel Dispose of Sandy Bridge CPUs

The newest use of the very small mini PC that looks almost like an external storage drive

Since Intel is so very eager to phase out its remaining 32nm processors, Sandy Bridge as they are otherwise known, it may as well pull all the tricks.

This means that the company will be doing its best to get rid of the chips as fast as possible.

And since just throwing them into the rubbish bin is not economically sound, the company has to get them inside as many products as possible.

The Samsung Chromebox mini PC has been tapped as the latest means of achieving this.

Indeed, while entry-level Celeron B840 chip usually powers it, Samsung has started to use 2.5 GHz Core i5-2450M dual-core units too.

Amazon currently lists Samsung Chromebox with a price of $413 / 310-413 Euro, but Google ships it for even less: $329 / 247-329 Euro.

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