Chromebooks to Become More Enterprise-Friendly As VMware Ports Windows Apps to Them

Chromebooks will soon become more popular in different markets

In a recent article I was telling you that Chromebooks might be a long way from conquering the business market and one of the reasons was their inability to run Windows apps.

Well, that might change quite soon, as Google has announced it was partnering up with virtualization software company VMware, in a venture that will end up bringing Windows apps to Chromebooks.

“Today, customers can fully embrace the cloud with Chromebooks using VMware Horizon DaaS. VMware and Google are working together to make the migration of legacy applications even easier, by using the HTML5/Blast experience from Chromebooks”

“This means you can work with Chromebooks and connect to a Windows experience running VMWare™ Horizon View,“ says the official Google Blog.

As the popularity of Chromebooks increases steadily, its natural Chrome notebooks will be ported to other consumer markets as well. According to NPD, Chromebooks made up 21% of US commercial laptops sales in 2013 and most of the success is attributed to their relatively low price-tags.

And now with being able to access Windows apps too, Chromebooks will certainly gain more traction in the enterprise market, as well.

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