Chromebooks Selling Even Worse than Microsoft Surface Tablets

They have barely scraped 500,000 so far, less than 1% share of the notebook market

Chromebooks haven't been the rave of the media, but they haven't been overlooked either. Whenever HP, Acer or Samsung launched one, reports were written and statements were made.

Sadly, even with active promotion, the laptops failed to make a dent in the existing notebook industry.

Whether because of the low use of Chrome OS, or the wariness people may have towards notebooks without usable on-board storage, Chromebooks have been selling poorly.

So poorly, in fact, that they have been lagging behind even the Microsoft Surface tablet, according to Digitimes.

Barely 500,000 Chromebooks have sold so far, which is less than 1% of the total notebook market.

It didn't help that Google's 12.85-inch Chromebook Pixel is a 2560 x 1700 pixel monster strapped with a $1,300 price tag (1,003-1,300 Euro, give or take).

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