Chromebook Users Can Now Watch Movies and TV Shows Offline

The new functionality allows Chromebooks to become valuable in offline mode too

If you’re a Chromebook user and you use your device for streaming media content mostly, keep reading because there’s some good news awaiting for you.

As reported by Gigaom, Google has just announced its new Play Movies & TV Chrome app now has an offline mode on Chrome OS.

In translation, it means Chromebook owners can now finally watch Google Play video without having to be connected to the Internet or, as we say, offline.

This new feature will probably put at ease some of the concerns related to Chromebooks having to have near-permanent Internet access in order to prove to be of any use at all.

Apart from very useful offline mode, the app now comes equipped with Info Cards that will tell you more information about the content you are about to stream.

So if you have a Chromebook already, you will first need to install the new Google Play Movies and TV extension, which will enable you to download video purchases and rentals for offline playback.

In related news, Google just announced it was extending the availability of Chromebooks in several new territories, including New Zealand, the Philippines, Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

For starters, Google will offer select Chromebook models, like for example the Toshiba 13.3-inch model.

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