Chrome Blocks 94 Percent of Phishing Attacks, Firefox 90 Percent, Study Finds

All browsers perform radically better than just three years ago

The number of phishing sites has been decreasing for the past couple of years, but there are still plenty of dangerous ones out there. Staying alert is the best way to protect against these threats, but the browser you're using can play a role as well.

Choosing the safest one is hard since, unlike a feature comparison, there's no way for regular users to know which browser works best.

A study by NSS Labs puts Chrome ahead, it stopped 94 percent of the phishing attacks thrown at it. But no modern browser is doing too bad.

Firefox, for example, came in fourth place, but it had a 90 percent block rate. Considering that the study has a two percent error margin, it's possible, though not likely, that Chrome performed just as well as Firefox.

What's important though is that the block rate has improved dramatically across all browsers. Three years ago, the top browsers only blocked some 47 of attacks on average, now that's up to 92 percent.

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