Chrome 25 for Chromebooks Adds Multi Monitor Support and Intelligent Windows

The latest release comes with some interesting new features for dev channel users

Chrome 25 has landed on Chrome OS in the dev channel. The release is available for all devices, this hadn't been the case in recent weeks after the release of the new Chromebook.

It's also noteworthy as Chrome 24 never made it into Chrome OS, Chrome 23 was available in the stable, beta and dev channel at the same time.

In fact, Chrome 23 is still there in the beta and stable channels. This is the first time Chrome OS has jumped one Chrome version, though the older Cr-48 Chromebooks were skipped in the first Chrome version to introduce the new Aura desktop.

It is hard to tell why this happened, but a safe bet is that Google wanted a rock solid Chrome 23 release for the holiday shopping season.

With an influx of new owners, Google wanted to make sure that everything works great out of the box.

In any case, the more adventurous users running the dev channel releases can take advantage of the very latest features and changes again.

The dev channel is now rocking Chrome 25.0.1324.1 part of Chrome OS 3196.3.0 for the new Samsung Chromebook and Chrome OS 3196.1.0 for the rest.

There's a new Pepper version of Flash, i.e. the more secure PPAPI version, Flash Player for the new Samsung Chromebook and Flash Player for all the other devices.

One new feature in Chrome 25 for Chrome OS is the ability or reorder the App List, making it possible to move your favorite apps to the top of the list for example.

It is now possible to use a multi-monitor setup with an extended desktop. You can either create one giant continuous screen or mirror whatever is displayed on the Chromebook's screen.

There is also a new windows management feature, Google calls it Intelligent Window positioning, which rearranges windows to display more of them at a time, provided you don't manually move them.

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