Christy Mack “Deserved” to Be Beaten by War Machine If She Cheated, Says Chuck Zito – Video

MMA fighter is currently in police custody after a one-week manhunt

The Friday before last, MMA fighter War Machine unleashed his fury on his estranged girlfriend, adult star Christy Mack, at her home in Las Vegas, beating her within an inch of her life. He was arrested in Simi Valley a little over a week later, after a wide manhunt in which Dog the Bounty Hunter also became involved.

Whilst on the run from police, War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver), went on Twitter to claim that he had actually been attacked by Mack and another man he found at her home, and that he acted in self-defense. He also hinted that Mack had been cheating on him.

From the hospital bed, where she lay unable to speak properly, move or even see out of her left eye, Mack responded with a full account of the injuries she sustained at the hands of the man she said she had dated until a short time before the attack. She also offered photos to show the damage War Machine did to her face and body.

Conflicting reports claim that she might have still been with War Machine at the time of the violent incident and that the man she was with was actually another lover she was seeing behind the fighter’s back.

Of course, this would not excuse or justify such a violent act. Violence is never the answer, be it against man or woman.

However, if you ask Chuck Zito, known for his tough-guy persona and roles on hit TV series like “Oz” and “Sons of Anarchy,” cheating does justify the kind of beating Mack took. TMZ caught up with the actor as he was leaving the Coogies restaurant in Malibu and asked him about the War Machine controversy.

As you can see in the video below, though at first Zito says he doesn’t want to get into stuff he has no idea about because he doesn’t know War Machine or what happened at the house before the fight started, he ends up telling the pap that he would have done the same if he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him.

He accompanies this with a gesture that’s perhaps more telling that the words he utters.

Even if Mr. Zito doesn’t know anything about the incidents leading up to the fight, here’s what he should have known before speaking his mind: Christy Mack was put in the hospital by a man who uses brute force for a living.

She suffered 18 broken bones in her face alone, had several teeth cracked and missing, and her nose broken in 2 places. She had a broken rib and a ruptured spine. War Machine used a blunt knife to stab her repeatedly across the body and in the palm of her hands, and then, to saw off her hair.

He forced her to shower in front of him and then tried to rape her. The only reason she’s alive to tell the story is that she was lucky to make her escape when he went into the kitchen to look for a sharper knife – because he was not happy with the injuries the blunt one was making.

No amount of cheating – or of anything, for that matter – can justify this kind of violence upon anyone, man or woman.

[Update, August 20, 2014]: Chuck Zito has apologized, saying he never meant to offend anyone.

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