Christopher Dorner Sent Message to Anderson Cooper, Left Words for Others

Ex-cop accused of killing 3 people wants the world to know his idols

The manhunt for Christopher Dorner, an ex-LAPD officer accused of shooting and killing 3 people in a series of vicious attacks, continues. Meanwhile, word has gotten out that he personally sent a message to Anderson Cooper.

Apparently, Dorner looks up to the CNN journalist, so he wanted to make sure the entire world knew about it. He also tried to get Cooper to side with him, in a way, TMZ reports.

According to the celebrity publication, the package Dorner sent to Cooper over at CNN included a handwritten note, a coin wrapped in tape and riddled with bullet holes and a DVD.

These, like the online manifesto we were telling you about earlier today, were meant to get Cooper to see that he was innocent of the charges made against him when he was fired from the force.

“According to CNN, the package was delivered to Cooper's assistant on February 1st – and contained a hand-labeled DVD with a sticky note that read ‘I never lied.’ Wolf Blitzer said the note appeared to refer to when Dorner was fired from the LAPD in 2008,” TMZ writes.

“It also contained a coin wrapped in duct tape, which was inscribed with ‘Thanks but no thanks, Will Bratton.’ Bratton served as the LAPD Chief until 2009. The coin was also inscribed with the initials ‘IMOA,’ which typically stands for ‘Imagine a More Open America’,” adds the same media outlet.

In a separate post, TMZ says Dorner also left a rambling Facebook message (presumably before his shooting spree), in which he talks about anyone and everyone, from Serena Williams, Christoph Waltz and Charlie Sheen to Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Tebow and the controversial Westboro Baptist Church.

He praises DeGeneres for her work with the LGBT community and gives Sheen a virtual standing ovation for being so “awesome.”

He also wishes a slow death to all members of the WBC, “not from smoke inhalation, but from the flames and only the flames” that would engulf them in hell.

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