Christopher Dorner Killed, Charred Remains Found in Big Bear Cabin

The manhunt is officially over, police are waiting for identification of the body

More details on the violent shootout ex-LAPD cop and alleged murderer Christopher Dorner engaged in just hours ago have emerged. A charred body has been found inside the cabin in which he sought refuge, with police now waiting for positive identification.

As we also reported earlier today, Dorner, who had been on the run since allegedly killing 3 people earlier this month, was cornered inside the cabin by authorities.

He either shot himself or burned alive, after causing the explosion that consumed the cabin.

The LA Times has more details on the timeline of the events, including how Dorner shot in cold blood two deputies, one of which died at the hospital from the injuries sustained.

The other is now recovering, but will require extensive surgery before he gets to go home again.

“The suspect fired from the cabin, striking one deputy, law enforcement sources said. Then he ducked out the back of the cabin, deployed a smoke bomb and opened fire again, hitting a second deputy. Neither deputy was identified by authorities. The suspect retreated back into the cabin,” the publication reports.

“Within hours, authorities moved in on the cabin. The fire broke out, setting off ammunition that had apparently been inside. On TV, viewers saw only the orange flames and curls of black smoke,” notes the same media outlet.

However, before that, authorities had started to bring the cabin down. Right before the blast, a single gunshot was heard, which could confirm the theory that Dorner killed himself, realizing that he was about to be captured.

If so, he chose death instead of imprisonment and having to be held accountable for his crimes.

Dorner is believed to have gone on the killing spree out of resentment at having been fired from the LAPD in 2008.

His body count is now up to 4, following the deputy’s death in the standoff.

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