Christopher Dorner Dies After Police Shootout, Cabin Fire

Murder suspect and ex-LAPD cop is cornered at secluded cabin, is presumed dead

Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop who went on a killing spree earlier this month, killing 3 people, one of which a police officer, is presumed dead. The cause of death is yet unknown, but reports online suggest he might have taken his own life.

However, that didn’t happen before he engaged in a most violent shootout with officers, which led to the death of another cop.

Dorner was identified by Fish & Game rangers after he robbed and threatened a couple in Big Bear, CA, and chased to a remote cabin in the woods.

TMZ reports that police had the place surrounded shortly afterwards, with a violent standoff ensuing. A San Bernardino County deputy was shot – and died later in the hospital.

Another was also injured but is believed to be out of harm’s way.

After the shootout, the cabin was engulfed by flames. Dorner might have died either in the fire or by a gunshot wound he inflicted himself.

“At this point, it's unclear how exactly Dorner died. Cops reportedly heard a single gunshot around the time the cabin ignited... indicating Dorner might have shot himself,” TMZ reports.

“We're told positive identification may take a while because the body was badly burned, but our sources are convinced they have their man,” the same media outlet notes.

On February 3, Dorner shot and killed a couple in California. Four days later, he shot and killed a cop, and had been on the run ever since, with police conducing an intense manhunt. He was armed and dangerous.

Some time before the second attack, Dorner posted a rambling message on Facebook, explaining his violent crimes and more or less declaring war on the LAPD.

More likely, he was harboring resentment at having been fired in 2008, believing he’d been let go and disgraced for unfounded reasons.

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