Christina Aguilera's Impromptu Duet with Sera Hill on The Voice, Season 2

Mentor is very impressed with her new contestant, epicness ensues

Christina Aguilera is an amazing singer and, contrary to what tabloids might say, she also seems like the most awesome person around on The Voice, season 2. The video above should confirm that.

During auditions for the new season of the show, Christina was so impressed with one of the singers, Sera Hill, the last member on her team, that she got up and sang a duet with her.

Say what you will about Aguilera, but she has a voice like no other.

After Sera's audition, Christina told her she had been waiting for a voice like hers for long. To prove to her just how special she was, Sera got the surprise of a lifetime.

The star requested a microphone and sang the chorus to “I'm Going Down” and, truth be told, it was nothing short of epic.

Check it out.

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