Christina Aguilera's Boozing Is Out of Control, She's a “Wreck”

Tab claims singer's life is on a downwards spiral, alcohol is to blame

Talk of Christina Aguilera's heavy drinking has been around since she announced divorce from Jordan Bratman, but it's only picking up speed these days. Star, for one, claims the diva is “out of control” and a “wreck” because of heavy alcohol consumption.

The latest print issue of the mag claims to have a look at Aguilera's life and, after speaking to the usual “insiders,” conclude that she needs help ASAP, Jezebel informs.

Christina is always drinking even if she knows that it's pushing everyone in her life away. She has days when she doesn't even get out of bed.

She's become almost estranged from her son, says the tab, and the only other good thing in her life right now, her job on The Voice, is in danger as well because of her uncontrollable behavior.

“Sources claim Christina Aguilera is 'out of control.' She is 'getting wasted a lot and just embarrassing herself',” Jezebel writes after seeing the print issue of Star, which comes with the cover also attached to this article.

“Among her offenses: She 'goes days without ever getting out of bed. She’ll have food brought to her, and she even drinks in bed too!',” the e-zine further says.

“Another source says: 'Her dressing room is always littered with wine bottles.' And yeah, some stuff is not so nice, like how she left her son, Max, on his fourth birthday, to go get drunk,” Jezebel further writes.

What's even worse is that, no matter how her close friends and family members try to make her see she's on a path to destruction, Christina only looks to her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler for guidance.

Obviously, he doesn't have her best interest at heart.

“She and boyfriend Matt (who is 'just in it for the ride') went to dinner, where they had a few rounds of sake, and then to a club, where they ordered bathtub loads of vodka and cranberry and partied until last call,” Jezebel says.

As if all this wasn't bad enough, Star also claims that Christina is having issues because of her weight, in the sense that she's constantly “bullied” for gaining about 65 pounds (29.5 kg).

It doesn't say who's doing all the bullying, but it suggests Christina is dealing with it by drinking even more.

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