Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Obtained Through Fresh Diet Program

The singer lost 20 lbs (9 kg) and she showed her figure off on “The Voice” finale

Christina Aguilera has lost almost 20 lbs (9 kg), according to sources in her entourage, and “The Voice” finale was the perfect time to show off her figure.

“A lot of people were on her about her weight and it depressed her. [...] She went through a bad time because of the criticism,” a friend explained her motivation for losing weight.

According to the Daily Mail, the singer took to a Fresh Diet program to get her shedding pounds and it worked. She now eats 1,600 calories a day and she looks like a million bucks.

She donned a short, tight black mini skirt for her performance on “The Voice,” which can be watched above. She also displayed her toned midriff in a crop top, wearing a flirty hot pink bra underneath it.

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