Christina Aguilera Seems to Have Had Some Work Done on Her Face – Video

Rumors surface once more, try to explain “altered” appearance of the singer

Christina Aguilera was on Jay Leno the other night to promote a new season of The Voice and her upcoming studio album and, right now, the Internet can’t stop talking about how different she looked.

Three segments from the interview are embedded below.

Clearly, the singer has lost a lot of weight, which, in turn, allows her to have her people dress and style her differently but there are countless voices online saying that she might have had some subtle work done to her face as well.

TMZ is less than subtle about it.

“Christina Aguilera flaunted her hot new bod last night but it wasn't her body people are talking about... it's her face – because it looks... well, different,” the celebrity publication writes.

“32-year-old Xtina has shed what appears to be scores of lbs... but the big change is in the punim,” adds the same media outlet, asking its readers to vote whether they think Christina has had work done or not.

Many agree that the diva might have had some fillers because her cheeks appear fuller and shaped slightly differently than before.

Gossip Cop, on the other hand, points out that whatever difference we perceive in Christina’s face is due to losing weight and not because she used the time away from the spotlight to go under the knife (or the needle, for that matter).

“When people lose weight, they look thinner in their faces, as well as in their bodies,” the publication writes. Gossip Cop specializes in debunking celebrity rumors.

“[We] checked in with a source close to the pop star, who tells us, ‘She looks exactly the same’ aside from being ‘thinner’,” the e-zine adds.

Whether Christina has had work done or not, there’s no denying she’s in a better shape than she’s been in many months. She also appears more upbeat, more confident, and clearly happy to be back in the spotlight.

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