Christina Aguilera Rocks The Voice with Cee-Lo Green – Video

Judges and mentors perform, show contestants how it’s done

If Christina Aguilera were a princess, she’d make for a very naughty one, as the video above will confirm. The diva and her fellow judge / mentor on The Voice Cee-Lo Green performed the other night.

The twosome took to the stage to wow audiences and viewers at home with a life rendition of “Make the World Move,” and Christina definitely deserves props for rocking the heck out of that outfit – and for her impressive pipes as well.

“About to #MakeTheWorldMove with @CeeLoGreen on @NBCTheVoice tonight. You better not miss it!!!” Christina gushed on Twitter before the show, making sure fans knew they’d be in for a surprise.

However, if you missed the performance, worry not: I got you covered.

Enjoy and, as always, remember to drop me a line in the comments section below with your impressions.

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