Christina Aguilera Performs “Your Body” on Jimmy Fallon, with a Twist

Aguilera, Fallon and The Roots breathe new life into her latest single

Christina Aguilera is a brilliant vocalist – or else her fans wouldn’t refer to her as The Voice. The video above is the best example of just how brilliant she is.

Stopping by Jimmy Fallon to promote her brand new album, “Lotus,” Christina performed her leading single off it, “Your Body,” but it was nothing like any other of her performances.

I figure Fallon had a big hand in this: this might have even been his idea.

Instead of using instruments, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots used office supplies to create the melody: a Mac keyboard, staplers, paper, scissors and a phone.

Fallon even did a little demonstrative dance halfway in the song, which went perfectly with the message of the track, much to the delight of the audience.

Only one word can best describe the performance: awesome. Enjoy!

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