Christina Aguilera Goes Strawberry Blonde

Star is no longer a blonde bombshell, tries to fly under the radar

Though critics were quick to label her latest studio material, “Bionic,” a flop for underperforming in the charts, Christina Aguilera continues to promote it and has consequently started working on a new video, for her second single off it, the ballad “You Lost Me.” On the occasion, the singer also unveiled a new ‘do, with long extensions and a new color, strawberry blonde.

Entertainment Tonight was on the set of the video and got to see Christina in person and even exchange a few words about her on topics like her 4-year break from the spotlight, her plans for when she’s done with Bionic, her film “Burlesque” and the upcoming tour, and what is the message she’s trying to send with her latest album. The video below also shows the star rocking the new hairstyle (which may be a permanent change, for all we know). Blonde or not, Christina is clearly the same vixen as always.

The photo attached to this article shows Christina on a shopping spree with her husband, music producer Jordan Bratman – and she’s still rocking the same ‘do, which would seem to confirm that it wasn’t a change she made for the video shoot only. Another thing that is very unlike XTina is that she’s clearly making efforts to fly under the radar, trying to remain inconspicuous in aviator glasses, a large knitted cap and an outfit that, though trendy, is a far cry from her usual glamorous getups.

Back on the topic of the album she’s now promoting, Christina tells ET that it’s the only thing she’s focusing on right now, therefore the possibility of having another child in the near future is close to inexistent. “Bionic is definitely my baby at the moment. Eventually, in the future, I do want to expand on my family and have another one, but for now, Bionic is the baby and ‘Burlesque’ is the other baby. I couldn’t be happier about… the fact that the album’s inspired by my son, and the future, and the feeling of the movement of electronica music, in a sense, but still maintaining that rawness of having those definite ballads that evoke that pure, honest emotion. Being able to just pour my heart out into the beauty and emotion of a song is very important to me,” the singer explains.

In the same interview, Christina also says that the 4 years she spent away from the spotlight were not really what she would describe as “away” since she did other things and focused on other projects instead. One year she toured, another she was pregnant, another one she dedicated to being a mom, while the fourth was spent on making the “Burlesque” movie. In between these, she also found the time to record a music album. Below is the video of Christina Aguilera explaining all of the above – and showcasing her new ‘do. Enjoy.

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