Christina Aguilera Gets Real: New Album, Female Fans, a Curvy Body

Singer promotes “Lotus” on Australian TV, teases new tour

Christina Aguilera is preparing a special treat for her loyal fans, with the release of her brand new album, “Lotus,” which becomes available in music stores later this year. Above is her latest interview to promote it.

The diva sat down for an interview for Australian TV show Sunrise, talking, among other things, about embracing her new, curvier figure and singing for women of all shapes and sizes, getting creative with the new material and even the artwork for it, and, last but not least, going on tour with “Lotus.”

Check out the video above to hear it all straight from Christina, she who the media and her fans call “The Voice.”

The leading single off “Lotus” is “Your Body,” which also got an official video just recently. It’s been burning up the airways and its way up the charts ever since it was released.

In other words, after the lackluster reception of “Bionic,” her previous album, “Lotus” is getting off on an excellent footing.

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