Christie Brinkley Rips Melissa McCarthy Photoshopping for The Heat Poster

McCarthy is unrecognizable on a U.K. poster for the movie

A U.K. poster for The Heat flick, featuring the dynamic duo of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, is getting a lot of negative feedback from celebs.

The reason for this is that McCarthy has been photoshopped into looking like a completely different person in this poster.

You can't properly make out the plains of her face and nothing, not even her look, is left to remind us of one of everybody's favorite actresses.

Former supermodel Christie Brinkley has spoken out against the heavily altered photo. She rips editors for trying to make every woman into a model, thus deceiving audiences who are bound to get a look at the actors in the movie anyway.

“Everything gives the message [that] it's not okay to be old, it's not okay to be fat, it's not okay to have any imperfections. [...] I wish that there was some way we could change that,” she tells Entertainment Tonight.

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