Chris Tucker Hopes for “Rush Hour 4” Even Without Jackie Chan

“We need to do one more,” Chris tells reporters of a possible sequel

Jackie Chan has recently announced that he’d no longer be making any action films but, even so, Chris Tucker is still holding on to the hope that a fourth “Rush Hour” will be made.

In other words, Tucker wants another installment in the popular franchise with or without Jackie, one of its two leading stars.

“I hope it happens. We need to do one more,” Tucker said in a recent interview cited by AceShowbiz.

“I just want us to be free and do our thing. I love working with Jackie, being around Jackie. Stuff just happens when we're together,” the actor added.

For the time being, “Rush Hour 4” is just a dream that is yet to materialize. However, considering Hollywood’s love of sequels, reboots and big franchises, we should probably not rule out the possibility of it being made.

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