Chris Christie Slams NRA for Obama Ad – Video

New Jersey Governor says using kids as pawns is “reprehensible”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is speaking out against the National Rifle Association (NRA), criticizing it for the recently released ad taking aim at President Obama and, perhaps most importantly, his two daughters.

Check out the video above to see what Christie had to say, as posted on his YouTube account.

As I informed you the other day, the ad in question argued that Obama was a hypocrite for not allowing armed guards in public schools while he did use armed security for the protection of his own kids.

As Christie puts it, this kind of security for the President’s family is a requirement, not necessarily something that’s done for the mere sake of thinking all precautions have been taken.

Basically, he’s saying the same things as Jon Stewart, the only difference being that Christie isn’t aiming to be sarcastic as well.

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