Chris Christie Doesn’t Mind Fat Jokes – Video

New Jersey Governor stops by David Letterman, shows healthy sense of humor

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the first to admit that he is at an unhealthy weight and could stand to lose some, so it should probably not come as a surprise that he’s the first to laugh at fat jokes.

Christie made his first ever appearance on David Letterman the other night and, as previews released confirm, fat jokes were also on the menu.

Check out the video above to see what I mean by that.

First of all, Christie himself read fat jokes (and seemed to be having a blast as well).

Secondly, just as Letterman was telling him he’d been mocked on the show before for his weight, he took out a donut and ate it in front of the host.

He might not be as healthy as he’d like to be, but at least he has a healthy sense of humor.

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