Chris Brown’s “Fortune” Album Sabotaged in London

Anti-domestic violence group discourages people from buying Chris’ music

Three years ago, Chris Brown and then-girlfriend Rihanna got into a very heated argument that degenerated into a physical altercation, which put her in hospital. His fans may have forgiven him, but there is a lesson in this we should never forget.

At least, that’s what one anti-domestic violence group in London would have us believe.

In HMV stores in London, Brown’s album comes with a sticker that reads “Warning – Do not buy this album! This man beats women,” as the photo above and Gigwise can confirm.

HMV has denied any part in the sticker “scandal,” so the entire thing is believed to be the work of anti-domestic violence campaigners, the same who believe Chris should not be allowed to make music and money after abusing his girlfriend, and shaming her publicly the way he did.

This isn’t the first time that Chris’ music is attacked for something he did in his personal, private life. He has already said he believes he paid his dues for the Rihanna attack and should be left alone on that count.

What do you think?

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