Chris Brown on Rihanna Assault: I Lost Everything – Video

Singer tells Matt Lauer how he’s a changed man after counseling

Chris Brown is speaking again about dealing with negative media attention and criticism from the fans and critics after the 2009 incident which saw him beating then- (and current) girlfriend Rihanna to a pulp.

On The Today Show the other day, Chris opened to Matt Lauer about how the experience has changed him, how it has helped him grow up and finally understand that what he did was “very, very wrong.”

He also said that he had to “lose everything” until he realized what he was doing to the woman he loved most.

“I've been humbled by the whole experience,” Brown said, as the video below will confirm.

“From me losing everything, you know, to me having to regain public opinion or whatever it is – but most importantly, you know, knowing that what I did was totally wrong and having to kind of deal with myself and kind of forgive myself in the same breath and being able to apologize to, you know, Rihanna and be that man that can be a man, you know?” he added.

In the same interview, he confirmed that, contrary to reports that started making the rounds late last week, he and Rihanna are still an item.

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