Chris Brown Is Back on Twitter

After nasty verbal spat with comedienne, Brown is sorry he got involved in it

Chris Brown is back on Twitter. Last week, the singer got into a very nasty verbal spat with comedienne Jenny Johnson, after which he simply deleted his account without saying a word.

Also without a word, he’s back. Brown’s Twitter page is active again but he is yet to tweet anything, which could mean reports that he plans to use it only for PR purposes might be true after all.

Gossip Cop, for one, notes that the singer is very sorry that he allowed himself to be drawn into the spat, especially since he knows better than to answer to the slightest provocation coming his way online.

This is why he’s chosen to delete all his previous messages, an insider says for the aforementioned celebrity e-zine.

“It was a mistake to respond,” says a spy.

Indeed, it was Johnson who provoked Brown on the social networking website, as we also informed you at the time, but it was him who took the exchange to a whole new level by writing to her the kind of profanity we would not even dream of reproducing in writing.

He should have let Johnson’s initial remark just slide by, the insider goes on to say.

“He made an error in judgment,” the insider says, adding “that after being barraged by Johnson in the past, Brown shouldn’t have replied, and instead had his team send ‘a legal letter for harassment’.”

However, not even when his own fans started attacking Johnson and sending her death threats on Twitter, did Brown intervene in any way.

Instead, he just laid low and waited for the whole thing to blow over, while still staying active on Instagram, where he continued to post pictures of himself and his girlfriend Rihanna, as the one also attached to this article.

Clearly, they’re back on again, there can be little doubt as to that.

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