Chris Brown Dressed Up as a Terrorist for Halloween

Singer comes under serious fire for questionable pick of costume

It seems that, these days, there’s hardly anything that Chris Brown does that doesn’t instantly generate controversy. Take his Halloween costume, for instance.

While rumored girlfriend Rihanna set many tongues wagging by going as a marijuana bride on Halloween, Chris wasn’t exempt from controversy either.

Click on the image above to see it in full, and understand what I’m talking about.

That’s Chris and his pals dressed up as terrorists, complete with fake beards, lots of ammunition and guns. Later in the night, Chris removed his beard, reports online say but, by that time, the damage was already done because of this pic.

Many believe that, in this day and age when there are so many terrorist attempts that cost the lives of innocent people, dressing up as one is just in poor taste, to put it mildly.

Others (myself included) simply believe Brown is out to make headlines no matter what: he probably thought this would work to get him attention – and it did.

Then there are Chris’ fans, who simply shrug the whole thing off saying it’s just a costume, what’s the big deal.

Let me know where you stand.

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