Chris Brown Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Is Going Back to Rehab

A judge orders Brown to return to rehab for an additional two months

In an odd turn of events, singer Chris Brown has been ordered back to rehab just days after completing his last stint, over a case of assault that revealed he was struggling with anger management issues. According to court documents, it looks like those issues were caused by a yet undiagnosed PTSD and bipolar disorder that made Brown very impulsive.

People reports that the judge overseeing his case has ordered the singer to return to rehab to deal with his new diagnose, despite the fact that he's just completed a two-month stay at the facility.

Although he was said to be performing well and responding to his treatment, the judge did not hesitate to send him back for more, something that left the singer visibly unhappy while he was in court on Friday,

The decision has been taken after his probation officer wrote to the court “It is evident that [Brown] has responded well,” but cautioned that his improvement in behavior “has occurred only recently,” which should prevent the court from releasing him too soon, so it advised to extend his probation until November.

Brown has already completed 95 days in rehab, five more than was required of him, and is said to be handling his anger issues better through medication and relaxation techniques. At the same time, the probation officer took the time to point out that Brown did his best to complete the program, tested negative for drugs, and noted that his “attitude has been beyond exemplary in regard to his community service responsibilities.”

The case revolves around the famous incident when Brown was originally placed on probation after his 2009 attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna just hours before the Grammy Awards. Since then, Chris has blown his fuse several more times, the last one occurring last year in Washington DC, when he allegedly punched a fan for “photobombing” him.

At the moment, the state is recommending that Brown be kept in rehab until his hearing for the DC case, which is going to trial on April 17. Until then, the judge feels that it would be better for the troubled singer to remain under control, lest he cause more trouble.

The judge has yet to decide if he's going to convict Brown of violating probation. It has to be mentioned that a conviction could send the singer behind bars.

Though calm in the court room, Chris took to Twitter to vent his frustration by saying that “Never really goes the way u plan. #LIFE.”

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