Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Foul-Mouthed Spat with Journalist

Singer responds to provocation, makes headlines again

Chris Brown recently got back with Rihanna but, it would seem, he’s not that eager to be called out on the incident that broke them up in 2009 in the first place. He’s just deleted his Twitter account after a very nasty feud precisely on the topic.

Over the weekend, while he was reportedly spending time with Rihanna, Chris still found some time to be on Twitter, where he immediately responded to a provocation from former news producer and current comedy writer Jenny Johnson.

The Huffington Post notes that Johnson had been making jokes and picking on Brown since his 2009 arrest for assaulting Rihanna, but this was the first time the singer responded.

Things soon turned very nasty, with each calling the other names.

Because of the language used, we can’t even hope to reproduce some tweets here, but GossipCop has a screenshot with some of them, if you have the stomach for it.

The bottom line is that Johnson called Brown a douche (only in much more offensive terms) for beating on Rihanna, to which he responded by calling her names.

They traded insults for a while (which even included Brown’s mom), with the singer putting an end to the exchange by simply saying Johnson should not be the one to point fingers as long as Rihanna herself has nothing to say about it.

“Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????” he said.

Hours later, the Post writes, Chris deleted his Twitter page. Though he said nothing about the reason that prompted him to do so or whether it had anything to do with the vulgar spat, many believe only this could have been at the root of it.

At the same time, fans are taking his side, saying on various online forums that Johnson – or anyone else for that matter – had no right to pick on him publicly for something he did many years ago, and for which he more than paid his dues.

They also believe he’s right in saying that, if Rihanna doesn’t mind it, then what right have all those people to say anything bad about him.

As of now, no word on whether Brown has any plans to return to Twitter.

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