Chris Brown Cancels Concert After Rihanna Assault Protests

Organizer pulls out of Guyana performance scheduled for December 26

Until now, Chris Brown has managed to weather all storms and to keep on performing and making / selling music despite how many people protested against him for beating up Rihanna back in 2009. Not this time though.

Organizers have pulled out of a Chris Brown performance scheduled for December 26 in Guyana, the Daily Mail reports.

“Chris Brown has canceled a stadium concert in South America after local protests over his 2009 beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna, according to event organizers,” the tab writes.

“He drew the ire of women's rights groups and opposition lawmakers who said Brown would not be welcome in Guyana three years after his assault of Barbadian superstar Rihanna,” the same media outlet writes.

The photo above is of another protest against Chris Brown’s concerts, this time in Sweden: his posters were “redone” to include an image of Rihanna’s face after he was done with her on that fateful night when he lost his temper on her.

Brown is yet to release a statement on the cancelation.

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