Chocolate That Doesn't Melt Conceived by Cadbury's Willy Wonka

Not available in all countries, but still enjoyable for the ones that have it

Scientists from Willy Wonka – Cadbury have made an incendiary discovery: they found a way to keep our chocolate solid even in the hottest summer.

The new Dairy Milk bars are made to avoid melting even when faced to temperatures up to 104⁰F (40⁰C) for more than three hours, The Telegraph reports.

“We have found that it is possible to instill temperature-tolerant properties by refining the conched chocolate after the conching step,” Cadbury explains, as cited by Daily Mail.

“Production of temperature-tolerant chocolate would allow production of chocolate-containing product more suitable for hot climates, particularly in less economically developed countries where the supply chain is ill-equipped to handle temperature fluctuations.”

The company, taken over by American food giant Kraft, says its new product will be available only in warmer countries, most probably including India and Brazil.

Dairy Milk will not be sold on the British market, a decision that has been intensely criticized. Attackers say it is not fair to ensure “British chocolate for British people.”

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