Chocolate Reduces Stroke Risk, Study Finds

Just one bar of chocolate is enough to cut one's risk of suffering a stroke

A new investigation into the health benefits of eating chocolate on a fairly regular basis has revealed that this sweet treat is quite efficient in lowering an individual's risk of suffering a stroke at one point in their lives.

Although it is very much true that several other previous studies have shown that, when consumed in moderation, chocolate has a positive effect on one's overall wellbeing, this research is the first to base its claims on data concerning how the blood vessels inside a person's organism respond to their eating chocolate.

Thus, it is being said that, following their asking several volunteers to eat chocolate while lying down, the scientists came to realize that this so-called guilty pleasure increases blood flow and therefore impacts on the cells that make up an individual's brain.

By the looks of it, said physiological responses to chocolate come as a direct result of the latter's affecting the carbon dioxide levels inside a person's body, Medical Daily reports.

Commenting on these findings, Professor Matthew Walters pointed out the fact that, “Consumption of a normal chocolate bar was associated with a change in stiffness of the blood cells. Our data is consistent with a direct effect of chocolate on the brain blood vessels.”

“It raises the possibility that there is a direct effect of some component of the chocolate on blood vessels,” Professor Walters went on to argue.

The scientists suspect that the so-called flavonoid molecules found in chocolate are the ones that must be held accountable for this treat's ability to reduce stroke risk.

More so given the fact that said molecules are basically antioxidants, which are well known for their ability to keep people from developing various heart diseases.

Still, Professor Matthew Walters and his colleagues stressed the fact that their findings must not be taken as an encouragement to gulp down whopping amounts of chocolate on a daily basis, seeing how this treat can also cause people to gain weight and experience several obesity-related health issues.

The Glasgow University researchers who pieced together this new study concerning chocolate and its ability to reduce stroke risk have recently published their findings in the scientific journal Neurology.

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