Chocolate Cake Sandwich Mouse Gets Bitten

While it has nothing amazing in terms of functionality, it will awaken your sweet tooth

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Chocolate cake is something that most people would love to get a bite of, but they may want to think twice before sinking their teeth into the ChocoMouse.

Spotted in Japan, this thing already looks like someone had a big, clean bite of it. We'll wonder about how much of a stomach ache that caused later.

Right now, we'll just give a word of caution: this thing isn't actually a chocolate cake, and no, this isn't an Ice Cream Sandwich mod either.

Instead, it is a regular USB mouse that tossed away the regular, but relatively comfortable shape of mice, in exchange for looking like a, well, chocolate cake.

Fortunately, the bitten off corner makes it ergonomic for right-handed users, for what it's worth.

Set to start selling this month, the ChocoMouse has a price of 1,680 JPY, or US $21.7 / 16.31 Euro.

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