Chinese Minister of Defense: Not All Attacks on US Come from China

Both countries share the same views and positions when it comes to cyber security

This week, the Chinese Minister of Defense, General Liang Guanglie, is scheduled to visit a number of US military facilities. As expected, one of the topics on the agenda was cyber security, which the general discussed on Monday with the US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

During the press briefing, Panetta committed to maintaining a “healthy, stable, reliable and continuous mil-to-mil relationship with China.”

He has also highlighted the fact that the relations between the two global powers are critical, especially in areas such as humanitarian assistance, terrorism, and counter-piracy.

“We recognize that the United States and China will not always agree on every issue. But we believe our military-to-military dialogue is critical to ensuring that we avoid dangerous misunderstandings and misperceptions that could lead to crisis,” Panetta said.

“A positive, cooperative, comprehensive United States-China relationship is absolutely essential to achieving a secure Asia-Pacific region and a more secure future for both of our nations.”

On the other hand, General Liang revealed that both sides agreed on a number of points that would reinforce the collaboration between China and the US. However, when asked by the press regarding cyberattacks, the minister stated that even Panetta admitted that not all attacks could be attributed to China.

“I would like to make the following points. First is cyberattack is really important and been attached great importance with -- by all the nations of the world. It concerns the securities in many areas, including the politics, the economy, the military and people's livelihood,” Liang said.

“For example, you have a certain sum of deposit in the bank. Well, this bank account was hacked by other people, and your money was stolen. This concerns our personal life. Therefore, I believe it is correct for all the nations to pay such great importance -- attentions to cybersecurity.”

The general has revealed that technical details haven't been discussed, but that both countries share the same views and the same position as far as cyber security is concerned.

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