Chinese Man Looks like Real-Life Werewolf

A genetic condition determines the growth of long hair on his chest, back and arm

Zhang Hongming, from Chongqing suffers from a rare genetic disorder that makes his body resemble that of a werewolf's. The condition, known as giant pigmented nevus, has haunted Zhang all his life.

As you can see in the gallery below, long black hair grows out of a dark-colored patch of skin. Hair covers part of his chest, back and left arm.

He is pictured above right before undergoing cosmetic surgery at the Hua Mei Hospital that offered him the operation for free. Until now, the young man has been forced to live with the wolf appearance, due to his economic background.

“The fur was a nightmare for me since I was born. [...] Each time I see people whisper around me, I would run away,” he is quoted by The Sun as saying.

The existence of the condition could offer an explanation for the many recent Bigfoot sightings. Residents of the Kent area in the UK claim to have sighted ape-like creatures in a wooded area in Kent. They reported seeing large, hairy “beasts” with red eyes.


Giant pigmented nevus (3 Images)

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