Chinese Man Admits Attempting to Export High-Grade Carbon Fiber from US to China

He faces up to 20 years in prison for trying to export a controlled commodity

A Chinese citizen, 34-year-old Lisong Ma, has pleaded guilty to attempting to export weapons-grade carbon fiber from the United States to China. 

The man was arrested after trying to close a deal to acquire and export the materials used in the defense and aerospace industries.

Federal agents constantly monitor websites related to the brokering, sale and purchase of controlled commodities. In February 2013, one of the undercover agents was contacted by Ma who was interested in acquiring several types of high-grade carbon fiber.

Based on the IP address associated with the suspect’s email address, agents determined that the man was based in China.

They later held an online video chat session and on March 27, they met in person. That’s when he requested a sample of carbon fiber which he attempted to ship back to China.

Ma placed the sample in a box, falsely declaring to the courier service that it contained clothing.

Once all the transportation formalities were completed, the package was intercepted and the man arrested.

The Chinese national faces up to 20 years in prison.

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