Hacked by “Indonesian Defacer”

All of the site's webpages have been replaced with a defacement page

A hacker that uses the online moniker Nesta, calling himself the “Indonesian Defacer,” has breached – a website that provides information on Chinese embassies, consulates, and visa application details.

It appears that all of the site’s webpages have been replaced with the hacker’s defacement page.

The hacker has published a message for the site’s administrators, but it’s written in Indonesian and the translation doesn’t make a lot of sense.

CWN informs that Nesta has defaced over 3,000 websites. However, judging by his account, none of the targeted websites appear to be high-profile.

At the time of writing, still displayed the defacement page added by the hacker. is not an official website. However, websites that lack security measures could easily be exploited by cybercriminals to spread malware.

Even worse, websites such as this one could be successfully used for targeted attacks.

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