Chinese Couple, over 100 Years Old Each, Pose for Wedding Photo

The Wus' combined age is 204, and they have been married for 88 years

One of the oldest Chinese couples pose for a Tim Burton-like wedding photo, 88 years after the event. They took their time to get an “official” wedding image, but you can see the pair smiling as amateur photographers immortalize the moment.

The pair decided to relive their wedding day, and dress up as a bride and groom for a long overdue wedding photo album.

The picture was taken in Sichuan city, Nanchong, with both its stars being centenarians, Mirror writes. Wu Conghan and Wu Sognshi still look very much in love, even if Conghan is 101 years old and wife Sognshi is two years his senior.

The couple were married in 1924, which means they have already celebrated almost 90 anniversaries. The Wus’ wedding took place decades before the invention of the digital camera.

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