Chinese CERT: Most Cyberattacks Originate in the US

73% of phishing sites are hosted on servers located in the United States

According to China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Coordination Center (CNCERT/CC), a large number of cyberattacks have been launched from overseas against the country’s organizations.

Between September 2012 and February 2013, 85 websites belonging to government agencies and high-profile private companies were hacked. Of these attacks, 39 were traced back to the United States based on the IP addresses used by the hackers, Xinhua informs.

In addition, a total of 5,792 cyberattacks were recorded as originating from the US against China’s National Vulnerability Database between November 2012 and January 2013.

And that’s not all. CNCERT/CC also says that over 73% of phishing websites targeted at Chinese e-commerce users are hosted on servers located in the US.

It’s believed that around 1.9 million computers from China are part of botnets controlled by more than 6,700 servers located abroad. Of these machines, 2,194 are located in the US.

The CERT report follows numerous reports and a study from security firm Mandiant, in which China is accused of launching cyberattacks against major organizations located in several countries.

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