Chinese Activation Crack for Windows Vista Available

TimeStop v2

TimeStop v2 is a Chinese activation crack for Windows Vista. According to the developer, TimeStop v2 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft's latest operating system. In this regard, and as was the case with previous Vista activation workarounds, the functionality of the TimeStop v2 crack on x64 Vista editions is problematic and the success rate low.

TimeStop v2 is the Chinese equivalent of the TimerStopper Vista activation workaround, also known as the 2099 crack or the timer crack. Although Microsoft has promised at the debut of 2007 that it will introduce an update to the Windows Genuine Advantage tool in order to render Vista copies activated via the 2099 crack, inoperable, the WGA tool is yet to be updated.

Moreover, now the Windows genuine Advantage team has to consider the nuances that have been introduced to the 2099 crack. Hackers have already updated the 2099 workaround in order to streamline the cracking method. Bypassing Vista activation is a fully automated process requiring only to most basic user interaction.

Applying TimeStop v2 will automatically set the BIOS date to 2099 and prolongs the Windows Vista grace period indefinitely, therefore bypassing the activation process. Copies of Vista with will TimeStop v2 applied will remain inactivated and the countdown timer of the operating system will stop at 43,200 minutes.

Although the dialog of TimeStop v2 is in Chinese, the graphical user interface is so simple and so context intuitive that it makes no difference. According to reports, TimeStop v2 is not limited to Chinese versions of Vista and can be installed on English versions as well.

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